HTML version of resume:
Summary of Paymaan Jafari Taayemeh
City, State: Tehran, Iran.
Phone/Fax: +98 21 747 0 949
Current Job: Webmaster of

First Name: Paymaan
Last Name: Jafari Taayemeh
Gender: Male
Birth Date: 04-APR-1971
Maritial Status: Married
Origin: Iran
Living In: Iran, Tehran
Prefers: A Telecommuting job (through internet), being able to perform from his own office.
Address: P.O.Box 17845-343, Tehran, Iran.
Phone/Fax: +98 21 747 0 949
Personal URL:
Commercial URL:
Education: B.Sc Engineering in Computer Science, Hardware From Islamic Azad Univeristy of Tehran (South).

Persian (Farsi):

  • As both a mother tongue and technical.


  • Technical writing/reading/translation. Ability to write and read for ordinary communications, political communications. Talking ability good.


  • Understnding, reading/writing; average.


  • C language programming for more than 5 years, 68K Family Assembly language for 8+ years, Reasearch in Artificial Intelligence and OCR fields.


  • Web site design, layout and implementation, Mastering e-commerce websites, shopping carts, Internet advertising and promotion strategies, HTML/CGI programming, web graphics design and engineering.


  • Embeded controllers design, implementation, Computer controlled systems design. Medical imaging systems design.


  • New ideas of new systems, very creative in solving computer related problems, designing algorithms, sci-fi ideas for different systems or environment or controllers' soloutions (realistic ideas), etc.

Contract works during the past 8 years in the order of being done (the most important ones):

  • a. Designing and presenting a computer 3D animated TV commercial advertisement, 1993.
    • Done for Shahr-o-Rousta chain stores, a government related company, ordered by Shima-Film company.
    • Date: 20-Feb-1993 to 21-Mar-1993. Presented on official Iranian TV channels 15+ times during March-May 1993 (national Iranian new year holidays time).
    • Responsibility: Design, 3D modeling and computer animation.

  • b. Developement of a "language-teaching" laboratory software, cooperating a hardware designer.
    • Name: Controller Window
    • Date: 26-Apr-1993 to 25-May-1993 (V1.00, first release) updated on 26-Sep-1993 and 2-Feb-1994.
    • Note: This program has been my first commercial software, it includes more than 6000 lines of MC68000 assembly language code. The program was responsible for controlling the hardware part and control interface GUI. Whole system's aim was to control a teaching-language laboratory, making proper communications and configs, by commands of the teacher using program's interface.
    • Responsibility: Software design and implementation.

  • c. Developement of a medical image processing software, helping Gamma-Scan devices result in more professional images, 1993.
    • Name: Parto-Negaar
    • Date: 13-Jul-1994 to 20-Oct-1994
    • Note: The program was an improving utility to process images made by Gamma-scanner medical imaging systems.
    • Responsibility: Software design and implementation, image processing algorithms.

  • d. A series of web design and network related contract works for a networking firm, since 1996 till now.
    • Note: as one of those first (and continued) users of Internet and computer networks in Iran (5+ years), I have also been involved in networking and web design. I also have a 1.5+ year experience in world wide marketting using Internet.

  • e. Teaching computer animation and languages, privately.

  • f. Personal/educational researchs: Artificial Intelligence (OCR), Microcontrollers, Motion capture.
    • I am currently working on developement of an OCR (new, own algorithms in char recognition). At the same time, I am writing a text book on Motion Capture systems for my B.Sc thesis.

  • g. Volunteer work: Since 1997, I have been Persian language administrator in ATO . I also translate Amiga software from English to Persian and vice versia at ATO, and I have developed the needed software for supporting Persian language for Amiga computers.
    • Also I have been Forum-Op of a technical discussion Forum about Amiga computers at MAVARA-BBS (Tehran) for 2 years, from 1994 to 1996.

  • h. Web and ECommerce designer, developer and Webmaster of PNT Co. website at Since 15-March-1999 till now.

  • i. Also author of more than 5 technical articles in national and international computer magazines, during the past years. I have a good background of teaching general computer, C programming, internet usage and information retreival.