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It was about 1991 or 1992 when I and one of my friends; Majid were tried to set an Amiga group in our country; Iran, and I guess it was the first group who really did somthing then. We were both Amiga programmers/enthusiasts. We also have done some TV Commercials using our beloved Amiga, so we had enough reasons for starting up such a group.

Majid and his brother Ahmad finally found the proper name for the group, and Majid designed the simple logo, both meaning the same idea, research in a busy environment , or something like that. The Word PALAPAL is an old Persian word, which we both like to use.

Those times, we were very far from information we needed, so we tried to buy Amiga books, even if so far from us (and we bought them from US, such a far way, hehe).

Then it was the time to enter the internet, and communicate to other Amigans, to grow, and to improve. That was the start of PALAPAL, and a series of projects then.

I; Paymaan Jafari, wrote an article in AR414 and described Amiga's situation in Iran. Just some hours after magazine released, I found my mailbox filled with lots of mails, And it was just the beginning. This site opened and I am here since then, trying to do my best to help the community, the machine, and Persian users.



Now After more than 6 years, many things are changed (mostly improved), Majid is a good, known hardware designer, working on different projects, like medical imaging systems, controllers, etc. and I am a hardware engineer, with still more interest and experience in software and web design. You may find a list of some of works done in this site, some more info about me, official Persian section of ATO, and some interesting (I hope so) resources and links.

I am still a freelancer, and well, hmmm, I won't regret if you refer contract jobs to me.



This site is in part, dedicated to Amiga and Amiga users, the community which are still unit, although not huge. Other part of the site is informal, for computer people, those who study computer science or do research, as I have and I will put my research results in the site, to let others know about them, as many others has done the same to me.

You may find a part of the site a little commercial. I would like to site helps me find job, contracts, or even sell my software when required. I am sure my visitors can understand the fact that I too need to earn some revenue, to continue the life, to buy equipement, etc. Thanks for your patience.

I hope you enjoy this little piece of cyberspace.

Paymaan Jafari


Contact methods and addresses

You can contact the Paymaan Jafari by email to

Majid Heidari can be reached by emailing to and Ahmad Reza Heidari is accessible through

If you want to call me by phone, my phone/fax: is +98 21 382 3600, and plese remember we are living in Tehran, Iran, at +330 GMT.

Mailing Address:
Paymaan Jafari,
P.O.Box 17845-343,
Tehran, Iran
Phone/Fax: +98 21 382 3600


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