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ATO Persian Official site
Amiga Translators' Organization

Updated Sunday 28.06.99

In this page...

About ATO Persian

ATO is a non-profit group dedicated to the translation of Amiga software since a few years ago. ATO consists of different departments, each department contains translators of an specific language, which members volunteer to the translation works, and complete projects.

This is the official Persian Language ATO, and here you will find the Persian translations of Amiga software, a few Persian fonts, and programs and links.

I am responsible for administration of ATOPersian and also IPJ character set and fonts. I am also the author of farsi.language, libraries which are a need for localizing Amiga for Persian Language. I hope you find my efforts enough interesting and useful.

We welcome Persian Amiga users who would like to join us to help translate more software for our beloved machine. This includes All the Farsi language Amiga users around the world, Iranians (as I am), and all the countries who talk in Persian (Farsi).



Current Members of ATO-Persian:

If you want to join, please write to me.


Tools, Codes, Required Files

Here you can download The Persian Locale kit and other tools or you can download them from Aminet. These are essential for Persian localization of Amiga OS 2.1 to 3.1:

Persian language is written from Right-To-Left, so to develope language specific programs, text editors, word processors, we need programs or patches that help enter and write the text from Right to Left. Here is an example written by Ian J. Einman that uses bgui.library.


Char-set, Fonts, Details...

Having AmigaOS localized into Persian, the first step is using a Persian char-set . Our official char-set is currently the one I have designed and it is called IPJ(TM) . The IPJ(TM) set is ISO-8859 comptible, and I am trying to register it through ISIRI, the organization responsible for Iranian ISO standards.

This character-set is designed in a way to make no problems for the Amiga environment (And others ofcourse), so you are still able to use it for English language at the same time. To be able to use IPJ(TM), you have to have IPJ fonts, that totally differ in the ASCII codes 160 to 256 from Latin-1 (ISO-8859-1) which is already installed on all of the computers including Amiga.

To preserve highest compatibility in font shapes with the all other Amigas around the world, We have to modify the ISO-8859 part of the existing fonts, for example, we need a TOPAZ/8 point font for system's default font, and fonts for using in the Workbench and programs, regarding the screen resoloutions. For example MagicWorkBench users (like me ;) that use a 640*512 screen and XEN and XHelvetica fonts as default screen fonts, have to have the IPJXEN and IPJXHelvetica fonts. The problem is that To do this modifications and spread the fonts with the final PersianLocaleKit (Or whatever else I call it ;), I have been in need of the permission from the copyright owner of the font and their conditions to let me modify those fonts. It is now solved, and The Owner; Martin Huttenloher has permitted me to modify/redistrebute the fonts based on his fonts, as long as we include his readme in the archives.

For the start, the fonts I can put here is the IPJTopaz, an 8,9 and 18 point bitmap font that is designed using the IRANA font and its US-ASCII part is very alike to normal Amiga Topaz. Also we have IPJXen and IPJXhelvetica fonts So you can use the Font Preference and FF or Nopaz (from Aminet) program and change your system's default font to IPJTopaz 8, and also if you are using a low-res Workbench, you can change your screen fonts to it. Please Download it and add this lines to your s:user-startup :

 IF EXISTS fonts:IPJTopaz/8
  FF <>NIL: IPJTopaz.font   ; Or Nopaz <>NIL: IPJTopaz 8

IPJXen and IPJXhelvetica fonts are included in the PersianLocalKit. We invite all of you to design and send more bitmap and outline fonts to provide users with more options. The charset and information about IPJ can be obtained from our Persian char-set page in this site.

System catalogs:
The Farsi translated system catalog files are stored here. These are the sample catalogs for the OS 2.1, 3.0 and probably usfull also for 3.1. I have tried many times to contact Amiga Inc. to give me the original English catalogs, with no result. So I can not provide completed catalogs for the time being.

You have to dearchive the farsiCatalogs#?.lha file and put all the files in the Sys:locale/Catalogs/farsi/sys directory, then when you select the Persian language in your locale preference, and you have IPJ fonts installed, all the Workbench texts, menus and system messages and requesters will be in the Persian language.

System Patches:
Here you will find programs that can fix some problems with writing Right-To-Left in languages like Persian, and other OS fixing related patches.

The programs I use are CTRequest, from CTools which enhances requesters, and also the VisualPrefs. Using Visual Prefs, I have forced system to show screen and window titles in the center, so less problem will be encountered about the direction of Persian or English titles. This way, all can be seen. Also FF, Nopaz, Notopaz or other alike tools, make me enable to change the system topaz font to IPJtopaz. This is because a few workbench utilities use hard coded topaz font, and don't care about font preferences, so we need to change the Topaz to be able to see Persian everywhere, and English at the same time. and farsi.language, the most essential files...

The most important files for localizing Amiga are here. These files are a preference file that must be stored in the Sys:locale/Countries/ and teaches your system the specifications for the Iran, like currency symbol, date format, time format and other things.

Another essential file for localizing OS2.1+ Amiga is the farsi.language library. You have to put this file in the Sys:locale/Languages/ directory and select it and as your preferred language and location in the Prefs/Locale preference. Since then, all your dates, times and sorting algorithms will follow the farsi.language rules, even string comparison etc...

The Full Persian Locale Kit :

To get the latest set of all of the above files, programs, fonts, you can download the latest Persian Locale Kit right here:



Some of the projects done by ATO-Persian are listed below.

onEscapee, An award winning Amiga game:

  • A CD game from Invictus team and Sadeness software,
    Translator: Paymaan Jafari
    Proofreader: Ali Aarefi


  • A shareware CD player written by Stéphane Barbaray.
    Translator: Paymaan Jafari,
    Proofreader: Leilaa Jafari.


  • A fast 3D surface fuction viewer, By Massimo Perfini.
    Translator: Paymaan Jafari,
    Proofreader: Paymaan jafari.

UltraConvert NG:

  • A shareware Image processeing/converting package written by Felix Schwarz.
    Translator: Amin Shaalchiaan,
    Proofreader: Paymaan Jafari.

STFax and STFax Pro: (non-ATO projects)

  • 2 nice Amiga Fax/Data/Voice program by Simone Tellini.
    Translator: Paymaan Jafari.


To contact us, please email to ATO's Persian Language Admin; Paymaan Jafari

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