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Some MS-DOS Farsi Utilities are also in this page but they are not produced by our group.


Amiga Programms

PJ_UUDecode V1.3 For OS 2.x:
This program is a very good UUDecoder Based on Berkely university of California UUDECODE (1983). It has the least uncompatibility with many of UUDecoded files. This version includes simple command line versions for 68000, 68020+ and it is Shareware.

DownLoad pj_uudecode13.lha (21929 Bytes).
Read or Download readme file (7560 Bytes).


PJ_UUDecode V2.9 For OS 3.0+ (21-Oct-97):
This is a new version of pj_uudecode program, with some benefits over the old one. It is standardized, using more Amiga functions, and is also Localized! In the current archive it contains 8 catalogs plus builtin english. Now it has Swedish, Croatian, Serbian, Nederlands, Italian, Persian, Portuguese and Portuguese-Brasilian catalogs and still I want to ask people to make more translations! It contains less than 10 sentences, so it will be an easy task to implement other catalogs, if people are interested in. Program is this time standardized with Amiga specific features, and command parsing is done like OS functions. I hope you like it.

Anyway, this is a very simple program and needs no more description ;)

DownLoad pj_uudecode29.lha (15276 Bytes) (21-Oct-97).
Read or Download readme file (7689 Bytes).
Download the CT file (Only for translators!).


PJ_P2CC01b :
This archive contains a C language function source to convert a Planar graphic data to Chunky form. The difference between this function and graphics.library ReadPixel() and alike functions is that My function just needs to the Planar data, or a simple BitMap structure, but the graphics.library functions need a RastPort structure.

DownLoad pj_p2cc01b.lha
Read or Download readme file.

Also look at Persian ATO Pages


PC Shareware

Here I gathered some shareware PC utilities to help Iranians around the world to make their PC-Clones enable to write Farsi, Also there are some Persian/Islamic (Solar Hejri) Calender programs and phonebook, both for MS-Windows and MS-DOS.

Vegaf (MS-DOS Farsi Font):
This is the lates version of the most popular IranSystem compatible Farsi maker for MS-DOS. Almost all the Persian applications use it for making PC bi-lingual. The program itself is a resident command, and normally can be run at start of the system.

DownLoad Vegaf


Sepand (MS-DOS Printer Font Downloader):
This Program DownLoads Farsi Character Set on a ESC/P2 Printer (called Epson compatible). You can use it for printing IranSystem Farsi texts. The program itself is a resident command, and awakes if you press both shifts simultaneously. It is an MS-DOS resident program.

DownLoad Sepand now


Lazer (MS-DOS Lazer Printer Font Downloader):
This Program DownLoads Farsi Character Set on a Lazer Printer (called Epson compatible). You can use it for printing IranSystem Farsi texts. It is an MS-DOS program.

DownLoad Lazerzip.exe now


BitFont (BitFax Farsi fonts by BITAfarin Co.) :
This Fonts help you to make BitFax(tm) Facsimili Program to struct Farsi Fax texts. You can use it for faxing IranSystem Farsi texts.

DownLoad now


AutoCAD (TM) Farsi Fonts:
These are a set of Farsi fonts usable for AutoCAD(TM).

DownLoad now


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