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Web Design


In this page, I present you my services of Web Design and ECommerce Site Design, as well as Web Graphics and web site maintanence, administration and promotion at a high quality but low cost.

Now most of people have recognized the power of the Electronic Commerce and internet, which seems to be the business of today and the future. more than 60 percent of shoppings in the US is done through web and electonic storefronts, and it is expected to raise to 85 percent in 2002. I am sure nobody will regret to have her/his business be put also on internet, for a relatively low cost, while more effective. It really increases the sale!

For all of accepted orders, regarding the customers' requests, I can perform all, or part of the design and/or developement. I can help you select web hosting serviecs that best suits your need, I can help you find the proper merchant account or alternate system for charging customers by credit card (specially for international sites which can't obtain merchant accounts from US banks).

This is were you can dissolve all of your web related needs.

Here it is possible to perform all of your web/ecommerce site design, developement and administration job, at the lowest cost you can hardly beleive.

The benefit of my designs is simplicity, compatibility and the low cost. I design web pages in way that more visitors can be able to see a correct layout, using any browser. Ofcourse I consider my customer's idea first, and will develope sites based on their own ideas, but I always guide them for free, on how they can improve their site's load speed, quality, compatibility etc. This way, the web sites I design, regardless of the hosting service, load faster, so you will have more satisfied visitors, and less wasted bandwidth. Order!


Service Glossary

Here you will find a list of my web design services.

  • Ordinary and ECommerce web site design, develpement, administration.
  • Domain Name registration
  • Web page design/developement
  • Web site graphics
  • Shopping carts, installation or design/developement
  • Forms
  • Merchant Accounts, Online Transactions, Online Shopping Systems
  • Web site promotion and advertising
  • Search Engines
  • Web site Administration.
    • I can administate your web sites, at a low cost. I can administrate your sites on a timely basis, or I can assign you a full time webmaster of our own, at a cost 30% less than the salary of an equal webmaster.
    • I can also accept short time administrations, web site improvements, etc.
  • CGI, PERL, JavaScript developement
  • More... Regarding your needs and requests!

Now it is the time to decide about it, I can make your business of the future, and you too can be one of those lucky persons which let their ideas grow, and built their businesses on the most known revoloution of the end of the 20th century, and won! Order!

You may ask for more details by emailing webmaster .



Having PALAPAL designs your web sites isn't going to cost you much. You may select one of my fixed price packages, or you can ask me to create a new package for your special needs. My prices are lower than most of the web design services, but this does not mean that I create low quality pages. That's because I have less costs than my competetors, regarding my country laws, so my prices are lower. I will clearly mention your total cost in my contract before work is started, So you will not face any hidden/unpleasant costs. You'll always know how much the final total will be.

Notice: All prices are in US Dollars.


Page Design Pricing

  • PALAPAL Mono Page Package ($89)
    Want to start on internet? Want to have a well designed resume to put on job sites? want to have nice internet version of a full color page just like ads in magazines? and all this for a low cost and risk? Then PALAPAL Monopage package is for you. It is a one page design, and I can also help you for free to put it on your free webspace, everywhere you like. This package includes a custom graphic; a feedback form, and every amount of text you send me (by email or on disk). Compare this price to a run of business cards, or a full page color ad in the publication of your choice. Order!

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  • PALAPAL Bronze Page Package ($35 per page)
    You supply the text (on disk or in e-mail), the graphics, and a list of links that you would like to have. I supply the page layout, help you by email to to improve your site speed, and create an intuitive site navigation. You would be surprised how much this low cost package can improve the look and feel of a site. This is a very basic but accurate, pretty and fast loading. All pages I design are performed by enough care and all of them will be checked for correctness by the best tools exist. Order!

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  • PALAPAL Silver Page Package ($180 per page)
    This package includes a custom title graphic, a smaller version to use as a logo, unlimited number of buttons (your choice of oval or rectangular, or custom deigned), e-mail link, and a seamless background (if requested) and unlimited links. You supply the text, on disk (or in e-mail). Order!

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  • PALAPAL Gold Page Package ($260 per page)
    This package includes everything from the Silver Package (custom title, smaller logo, buttons, e-mail link, and background) as well as an unlimited number of mouseovers. You supply the text, on disk (or in e-mail). Order!

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  • PALAPAL Platinum Page Package (price to be negotiated)
    Contact me with your web site wishes, and I will negotiate on a price to fit your dreams as well as your budget. The price for the Platinum Package may end up being smaller, or larger, than one of the packages listed here. If you wish to have a whole e-commerce site, frames, or forms on your site, you must choose the Platinum Page Package (The cost of these items is negotiated depending on the number and complexity of the items). Order!

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Web Site and ECommerce Design Pricing

  • PALAPAL Complete Site Design (price to be negotiated)
    If you want to build a whole site, or you want to add an ECommerce site, you may select this package. I will negotiate to you to collect information on your future site, then I design the whole structure, and I suggest you a list of costs, including suitable hosting service, advertising strategies and site promotions, submitting your pages to search engines and all the required actions for a site to be designed and continue the work well. Then I will develope your site and I can even maintain your site by our professional webmasters. Order!

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  • PALAPAL Online Shop Design (price to be negotiated regarding complexity)
    If you have finally decided to enter the world of Electronic Commerce, and you would like me to make your Online Storefront with ability to accept online transactions approval, online ordering, and doing everything online, please select this service. Order!

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  • Website Tune Up and Maintanence
    I will tune up your site, and will administrate them for a short or long period, regarding your needs. The pricing will be based on the complexity of your site and number of pages, links there. I will negotiate for pricing. Order!

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Payment Plan

For sites under $100, the full fee is due at the contract signing. For sites over $100, My schedule is 50-25-25 (50% of the fee due at the contract signing, 25% due at the approval meeting, and the last 25% due when the site is on the web).

What is a page?
The size of pages, mentioned in above packages may vary regarding your needs, but I will be more happy with the pages up to 8 screen lengths of each screen 640x480 (normal PC screen). The optimal length for a page is 4 to 5 screen length.

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